Patient Monitoring

Innovative signal processing technology enabling next-generation patient monitoring designs.

  • Blood Pressure
  • ADI MEMS and sensor interface technologies enable highly accurate yet cost-sensitive blood pressure monitoring designs.

  • ECG-Ambulatory/Holter Monitor AC-Coupled
  • ADI microcontroller and integrated amplifier technologies support ultra low power, small size, and AAMI-EC13 performance level requirements for portable ECG designs.

  • ECG-Consumer Grade
  • ADI offers low power integrated and discrete technology solutions for cost-sensitive heart-rate and non-diagnostic cardiac monitoring devices used for health and wellness programs.

  • ECG-Diagnostic Battery Powered
  • ADI microcontroller and amplifier technologies enable ultra low power, diagnostic-quality, battery powered ECG designs.

  • ECG-Diagnostic Line Powered
  • ADI microcontroller, converter, and amplifier technologies enable uncompromising signal acquisiition and processing in line powered ECG solutions.

  • Pulse Oximetry
  • ADI's broad portfolio of mixed signal, MEMS and processor technologies enables precise yet cost-effective pulse oximetry designs.

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