ECG-Consumer Grade

ECG-Consumer Grade

ADI provides system designers with the flexibility to deliver a new level of value and performance to cost-sensitive, single-lead, ECG applications in fixed, portable, and wearable heart-rate and cardiac monitor devices that provide vital sign measurements for athletes in training, home fitness equipment, or remote health monitoring. Integrated and discrete component technology solutions are available including the AD8232 -- the industry’s lowest power, smallest size, single-lead ECG analog front end (AFE).

Single-Rate Heart Monitor

Featured Products for ECG-Consumer Grade

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Golden Mousetrap Award 2012 ADXL362
Micropower 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer

  • AD8232
    Single-Lead Heart Rate Monitor Analog Front End
  • ADXL362
    Micropower 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer: Digital Output, ±2/±4/±8 g Range
  • AD8619
    Low Power Quad Op Amp
  • ADuC7022
    Precision Analog Microcontroller, 12-Bit Analog I/O, ARM7TDMI® MCU

ECG-Consumer Grade Product Selection Tables

ADI offers innovative ICs for ECG-Consumer Grade functional blocks.
Integrated Solution

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ECG-Consumer Grade Functional Diagram

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